1 day

Visit Ghana’s highest waterfall, explore the coastal plains of the capital city and give your legs a good exercise. We will cross eleven rivers in the luscious Agumatsa forest to reach the beautiful 1600 ft tall Wli waterfall. Admire a structure of history: the Adomi Bridge and cross over the largest man made lake

9 days

Enjoy four days of surfing lessons, two practice days & more in this tour. Get to also explore the Cape Coast Castle, and other close by sites. An opportunity to interact with the locals in the community, engage in their conversations and enjoy the night life that comes with being in the coast!

1 day

Learn about Accra by immersing yourself in it. Visit the popular Jamestown to learn and hear the stories of the original settlers. Get dazzled by the sheer size of the famous Makola Market, feel the sweat and the spirit of the people. Have your own story to tell after you leave!

10 days

Embark on an exciting journey with us through Ghana. We guarantee a breathtaking experience which will remain an unforgettable part of your life! So many wonderful sights await your curious exploration – the Kakum National Park, Nzulezu Stilt village, Cape Coast Castle, and numerous other marvelous sights are waiting on this exciting trip!

12 days

An encounter with the roots of a people connects you to them by the fabric of knowledge, helping you to better understand them. Join us on this historic tour of Ghana, taking you into the heart of historical events that form the very core beliefs and experiences of the Ghanaian society.
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