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Can Do Land Tours bring forth an extraordinary opportunity to witness Ghana at its finest!
Explore the secrets nooks and crannies of the culturally-vibrant country. With a long list of historical, adventurous, educational and cultural sites on the list, you will have a lifetime of memories with this trip into the country of Ghana!

Tour Itinerary

Day 01

Arrival in the Capital of Accra, Ghana

We will greet you at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra. You will be taken to the Central Hotel where a warm welcome and an orientation will take place. You will also have dinner and will stay there overnight.
Day 02

Accra City Tour

After an early morning breakfast, we will start our journey in Accra and explore the historic locations and learn about their significance in Ghana’s culture and history. We will start from Independence Square where you will visit the monument that marks the beginning of Ghana’s fight to freedom. We will then proceed to the final resting place of Ghana’s first President, the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum.

After paying respects to the great man, we will proceed to the W.E.B Du Bois Center for Pan-African Culture, where you will witness memories of Africans who struggled for the Emancipation of Africa. After lunch, we will continue to the Makola Market, which is the biggest market in Accra. There you will have the chance to interact with the Market men and women and see how business is done. Although long, this adventure is an experience to be had. After, we will take you back to the hotel.
Day 03

Bike and Hike Tour

After breakfast early morning, we will drive to Aburi for an exhilarating biking and hiking tour. There, you will have the chance to see many a gorgeous species of Tropical flora; birds and butterflies and will also go to the Aburi Botanical Gardens.

During the Hike and Bike Tour, we’ll explore villages and towns, down to Akosombo, a small town in Ghana. We’ll then have lunch at the Afrikoko restaurant, after which you’ll have the freedom to walk about the village. We will then have dinner and stay overnight at the Afrikiko Hotel.
Day 04

Boti and Umbrella Rock

After a delicious breakfast, we will travel to Akaa to start our hiking and biking tour around Umbrella Rock and the famous Boti Falls. We’ll mountain bike around the waterfall area, all the way through the quiet path which leads to the falls, where we’ll enjoy the fresh breeze. We will stay overnight at the Little Ark Hotel.
Day 05

Avatime and Amedzofe Hiking

We will have an early departure from the hotel after breakfast. Driving through the Akosombo Dam, we will reach the Avatime region. There, we’ll hike through the towns, villages and hills and enjoy the beautiful scenery and vibrant villages.

We will lunch in the Avatime region where we’ll interact with the locals and take in the culture. Their friendly faces and wonderful manners will definitely leave a lasting impression. After, we will go to the Abraerica Hotel for an overnight stay and dinner.
Day 06

Tafi Abuife Kente Weavers

We will depart from the hotel after a hearty breakfast to Tafi Abuife, where we’ll experience how the intricate Ghanaian Kente cloth is created. A tour guide will take you to various outdoor weavers.

You will also encounter professional weavers who will weave out kente from different colors into different styles. You’ll even have the opportunity to try your own hand at weaving different things such as wallets, headbands and bags etc which you can take home with you. We will then go back to the hotel.
Day 07

Heading Back to Accra

After an early breakfast, we will depart for Accra. We will travel via the Adomi Bridge, which is situated near the Akosombo Dam. We’ll have lunch at Afrikoko after which we’ll continue on our journey to Accra. We will check into the Central Hotel, after which we’ll have a relaxing time at the Labadi Beach. Dinner will be served back at the restaurant.
Day 08

Kakum National Park Walkway

After breakfast, we’ll go through the busy city of Accra to the Cape Coast. We’ll stop on the way at Han’s Cottage for a delicious meal where you’ll also have the chance to watch crocodiles.

After lunch, we’ll drive to the Kakum National Park where you’ll have the chance to see various beautiful species of flora and fauna. You’ll also get a unique vantage point, thanks to the 330-meter Canopy Walkway that’s suspended 40 meters above the forest floor. Afterwards, we’ll return to the hotel for dinner and rest.
Day 09

Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle Tour

After breakfast, you will be taken directly to the Cape Coast Castle, known for being a physical monument that tells of the stories of Slave trade in the earlier centuries. As you walk through the courtyard and dungeons where the slaves were kept, you will be told of the many experiences and lives that were lost within those walls. You will then be taken to the Castle’s museum.

After lunch, the tour will continue to Elmina Castle. A former storehouse that later turned into a storage harbor for African slaves, the dungeons within Elmina Castle are preserved to show how badly the slaves were treated. From the dungeon, you will be taken to the chapel which has now been converted into a museum.

You will also be taken to the Governor’s chambers as well, whose corridor was adjacent to the dungeons where the women were kept. Here, you shall learn how the governor would select women for his pleasure, all unwilling participants. Afterwards, you will be taken back to the Hilands Court for dinner and rest.
Day 10

Nzulezu Village Tour I

After an early morning breakfast, we will depart for the Western region of Ghana to the village situated near Lake Tadane. Built impressively on stilts, harnessed from coconut trees and other hard woods, this village has just a single street that leads to it. You’ll be taken to the village’s only school where you’ll get to interact with the school children and talk about different subjects and their studies. You will then be taken to the Beyin Beach Resort for dinner and an overnight stay.
Day 11

Nzulezu Village Tour II

We will once again go to the Nzulezu village after a hearty breakfast where you will see how children participate in their school activities. You will see how children from grade six commute to and from the school in canoes and how they neatly stack their books, shoes and other belongings at the end of the raft. You will also have the chance to interact and mingle with the older school children and talk about their studies and dreams. Then we will return to the beach resort for dinner and rest.
Day 12

Back to Accra

After we’ve had breakfast, we’ll start our journey by going to Accra. We’ll drive by the Western and Central coastlines of Ghana all the way through the country’s capital. Once we reach Accra, you’ll have a window-view of the quaint towns and villages on the route. For lunch, we’ll stop at the Kokodo restaurant before heading to the Central Hotel for dinner and rest
Day 13

Rest and Departure

You’ll have the chance to have a peaceful night’s rest, then a late breakfast. You’ll get to spend some time for souvenir shopping at the Art Center, after which you’ll be required to return to the hotel for check-out. The team will accompany you to the airport to assist for check-in and departure and will wave you off with cheers of good wishes.

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