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Pack your Adventures and Explore the Paradise of Ghana with Can Do Land Tours!

Posted By : Dheerendra Kumar/ 1866

Can Do Land Tours are a Ghana based Travel and Tourism company that was created with an objective to improve the lifestyle of several villages and rural communities in Ghana by enhancing and capitalizing on the countries tourism sector. The company offers some really attractive tour packages for travelers who are visiting the country with different tour objectives in mind. For all the adventurous travelers pouring into Ghana, CDLT offers amazing Adventure Tour packages.

The company currently offers 11 great adventure tour packages for the ones who are up for an adventure. The packages are priced appropriately to suit your budget and requirements to make sure that your money and enjoyment are perfectly balanced out.

  • Volta Hike Ghana ($450 – 2 days)
  • Garden City Experience ($600 – 2 days)
  • Shai Hills and Volta Estuary ($465 – 2 days)
  • Shai Hills and Volta Wildlife ($550 – 2 days)
  • Cape Coast Weekend Trip ($430 – 2 days)

And more!

Exquisite service to customers!

Can Do Land Tours makes the efforts to find out the most historically and culturally relevant tour sites and locations for you even before you visit Ghana. A team specifically visits these places, interact with the individuals, learn the habits and ensure that it is a friendly atmosphere that will give you a homely feeling, whilst at the same time tickling your adventurous side.

Not just that, they will even take the liberty to get the best deals available in terms of rent and fees etc. that would be involved to ensure that you have a feel of Ghana at the most affordable rate you can get. They will provide you with the best suitable options on where to go and what to see, eat and feel based on your financial capacity and length of stay.

Once you have landed in Ghana, a team from the company will properly welcome you in the traditional Ghanaian way, give you time to rest if you want to. They can even start immediately if you are one of those whose adventurous nerves can’t be still.