Our Company

Our Story

The journey of Can Do Land Tours started with a village boy visiting the city for the first time in 2009. Having been deprived of electricity, good drinking water and other amenities available to people who live in the city; my heart went out to the all the people in my village who would never benefit from this good life in the city.

That understanding of where I was coming from gave me a passion to seek to balance the situation in my village as well as other small villages around Ghana. Through interacting with volunteers and the travelers I met, I got to understand how I could fulfill the adventurous needs of the traveller and still provide assistance to my village.

Can Do Land Tours was fully established after I took a course that equipped me with the skills and expertise to start a tourism company. Through meeting the needs of our travelers and volunteers, we have been able to affect the lives of several young people in Senase and other rural communities in Ghana.

Why Us

Authentic Travel Experience

We provide very customized and optimized itineraries designed for a lifetime experience. Our clients feel the culture and experience Ghana through the immersive nature of our tours. Helping them build deep and meaningful relationships despite the language barriers.

Travel for Social Benefit

Can Do Land Tours exists to provide an opportunity for travel that can affect underprivileged societies in a positive way. The profits obtained from tourists fees are used to provide amenities, build schools etc. for deprived Ghanaian communities.

Effective Communication

We commit to staying in touch with you and consciously helping you fully understand what to expect in Ghana and on the tours. Our customers say “the team is the best and the most friendliest people I have ever met”.

Friendly Staff

We believe that good friends work well together. We go the extra mile to attend to our customers like friends, we help them, listen to them and guide them with regards to choices and decisions whilst in Ghana.

How We Create Your Journey

Before you decide to visit Ghana, we have made the efforts to find out the most historically and culturally relevant tour sites and locations that leave you with memories of educative fun. We specifically visit these places, interact with the individuals, learn the habits and ensure that it is a friendly atmosphere that will give you a homely feeling, whilst at the same time tickling your adventurous side.
After we have found the best place for you to visit, we then go ahead to get the best deals available in terms of rent and fees etc. that would be involved. We are committed to ensuring that you have a feel of Ghana at the most affordable rate you can get, whilst having access to the best sites, tour guides and accomodations!
Based on your financial capacity and length of stay, we provide you with options on where to go and what to see, eat and feel. We don’t want you to get frustrated and that’s why we ensure that no matter how long you would stay or how much you want to spend, you get absolutely the best of services!
Now you’re here, we properly welcome you the Ghanaian way, give you time to rest if you want to and for those whose adventurous nerves can’t be still, we can start immediately if you wish to. We send you on trips physically, but to places that allows you to be immersed in the experience mentally, emotionally and psychologically. Because that is the beauty of adventure!