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Lip Smacking Dishes To Try On Your Next Explorer Tour Ghana

Posted By : Dheerendra Kumar/ 1165

Though it’s true that explorer tour is more like discovering the culture, heritage, and tradition, one wouldn’t deny the fact that your trip is incomplete if you haven’t tasted the delightful dishes. Since Ghana is a country that has held onto its historical significance for centuries, it’s also very rich in terms of local cuisine and tasty dishes; conferring you a privilege to add a tangy zing on weekend tour package Ghana.

Traditional Ghana food is mainly comprised of food corps and available in many intriguing ways. One can learn a lot from natives by the way they put together their meal. Some of the best dishes you must take on your explorer tours in Ghana are:

Jollof Rice

If we have to describe the dish in a subtle way, it would be fried rice with chicken. The post dish of rice is cooked with tomato sauce and usually served with chicken, meat & fish. The dish has been a national favorite and is available in every restaurant at an affordable price.

Banku and Tilapia

If you are a corn lover, then you must try this dish, and the reason being said is it’s something you have never tasted it before. The moment you see fish being grilled on the streets of Accra, it has to be the most famous Ghanaian delicacy Tilapia served with Banku (a mix of fermented corn and cassava and prepared with hot pepper, diced tomatoes and onions).


Red-red is a Ghanaian popular traditional dish that consists of cowpea beans and boiled to make a broth. Even though you shy away from beans, this particular dish has ignited the love of beans in many people. The red-red dish doesn’t include lots of spices because its main taste comes from ingredients. It is a fine bean curry which includes either a mix of chicken, fish or prawns.


We kept the best one for the last, and if you want to taste the country’s cuisine, then you got to get on the street and must try chichinga. The dish is popular among locals and travelers and is a prevalent snack shack for party occasions. Chichinga is commonly made of liver, beef, lamb, goat and chicken.

These were just a few of them, there are plenty more to discover. All you need to do is plan your trip today and go for it. At CAN DO LAND TOURS, one can design their perfect itinerary and have a travel experience you truly dream of. Since we cater adventure tour, culture tour, heritage tour as per the individual needs, one can expect a dream-like trip at a feasible price. Craft your adventure today…!!