History Tours


1 day

An expedition to see one of the natures wonder where the Volta River meets the Atlantic Ocean.

12 days

An encounter with the roots of a people connects you to them by the fabric of knowledge, helping you to better understand them. Join us on this historic tour of Ghana, taking you into the heart of historical events that form the very core beliefs and experiences of the Ghanaian society.

10 days

Are you a fan of nature and wildlife? Do you become more animated when you encounter fauna and flora of different species, sizes and appearances? Then this tour is designed for you! Get lost in the vast expanse of land with interesting and sometimes extinct species of fauna and flora.

10 days

Journey with us through Ghana as we take you to the depths of this West African country for an unforgettable trip of a lifetime! In ten days, you will visit the most significant locations and hotspots in Ghana and experience the beauty and vibrancy of Ghanaian culture at its finest!

11 days

A love for fauna & flora meets a love for adventures and exploration!! Experience the tingly feeling of traveling to interact with nature in a way that means the most to you! Feel the breeze at the Boti Falls, awaken the adventurer in you as you hike, walk and run if you feel like it!