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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Trip to Ghana In 2019? GHANA HISTORY TOUR PACKAGE

Posted By : Dheerendra Kumar/ 1323

Sojourning in Ghana is more like a spur of beautiful moments. Their vitality lies in the soul-stirring tributes to ancestors, concerts and festivals which is more like exploring a cultural façade and also confers you an opportunity to get along with natives. Africa is an amalgamation of 54 nations and each one promises unique experiences. Among all, Ghana is quite outstanding because of its amazing culture & historical significance, beach and safari. The landscape and vibe is an untold essence. And if you are about to adjourn your trip to Ghana, here’s the 5 reasons why you shouldn’t.

  • Ghana is Emerging – With innovation and stable economy, Ghana is on the verge of rebirth as a prominent destination.  Even the NEW YORK TIME MAGAZINE entitled Accra as the COOLEST CITY IN AFRICA and in the month of August, thousands of artists come here to celebrate CHALE WOTE, i.e. the biggest street art festival in West Africa.
  • The people are welcoming – Being Africa’s friendliest country has its own perks. The heart-melting nature of natives adds a magical zing to your journey to discover rich history, traditional art & culture. Ghanaians give emphasis to communal values such as family’s value, respect for elders, dignity and social conduct.
  • Getting To Ghana Is So Much Easy – Compared to other African nations, getting to Ghana is relatively easy and you’ll find direct flights to Accra from major international airports. Their new airport is high-class and easy to navigate with proper English signs. The process and payment can be done online and visa can be obtained in 48 hours.

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