Explore Your Amazing Options for Full Day Tour Package Ghana

Full Day Tour Package Ghana



Explore Your Amazing Options for Full Day Tour Package Ghana

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Do you wish to gain the experience of a lifetime? Adventuring in Ghana is undoubtedly a worthwhile expedition where the land is blessed with fascinating culture, amazing sightsee and natural splendor. The peaceful and intrinsic aura of Ghana is quite extraordinary and certainly leaves an indelible impression on your mind. In the end, you will go back home with special memories, a reminder that turns you into a storyteller.

Ghana is one of the most intriguing and developed countries in Africa with a steady economy, quality of life, native hospitality, and a stable political environment. The state has a rich history and compelling historical sites with heritage forts and fascinating museums. The captivating music culture, enchanting climate conditions, and enthusiastic locals do make Ghana a fascinating destination spot for all those people who wish to experience the astonishing.

Travel in any month, Ghana will welcome you with love and open arms. But have you explored all your options for the finest travelling? At Can Do Land Tours, we bring you a pre-designed full day tour package to feed your wanderlust, as mentioned below:

  • Accra in Another Perspective (150$ for one day) – It will be a walking tour of the oldest town in Accra where you will discover the first seaports, high street and the biggest market.
  • ADA Foah Island Tours (230$ for one day) – A perfect travelling theme for someone looking for a great expedition. During the trip, you’ll discover the bay where Volta River meets the Atlantic Ocean, crocodile pond, Maranatha Beach camp, and other astounding sites.
  • Cocoa Tour (200 $ for one day) – Ghana is undeniably known for its quality cocoa beans, and the tour gives you a perfect glimpse towards the land of cocoa and historical legacies.
  • Hiking at Shai Hills (165$ for one day) – Experience a memorable expedition towards the cold & dry evergreen forest, caves, relics of old Shai settlements and also explore different species of mammals.

Once a year, you must go to a place you’ve never been before. How about we surprise you with a perfect itinerary to see the trueness of Ghana? If you’re on the same page, do contact us immediately phone- +233 (0) 20 947 4062 or send us an e-mail at info@candotours.com.

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