Cultural Tours


10 days

The land of history & culture invites you to discover, explore and learn about Ghana, the vibrant country of West Africa. Visit the best destinations in Ghana that offer the chance to not only indulge in their food, cultural heritage and much more but also their history that plays a significant role in our world’s timeline.

12 days

Different kinds of drums are played in Ghana which differs from tribe to tribe, and it’s a wonderful experience being so much close to the heart and soul of the Ghanaian culture in this exciting tour.

8 days

Explore drums in the manifold, how it is done, where and when it's played ranging from Atumpan, Borborbor, Kpalogo among others, bead-making skills as well as kente weaving skills.

10 days

This tour highlights the beauty of Ghana’s culture/heritage, historical sites & food. A trip filled with wonderful, unforgettable memories. An expedition to learn more of Ghana’s cultural diversity, castles, and forts which played a major role in the slavery, and a northern safari to complement our thrilling voyage.